House Rules

Have consideration for the other guests sharing the facility.

Respect the other guests’ right to peaceful enjoyment of the property

For example: never leave dirty dishes in the sink,  always wash, dry and put them away in the kitchen cupboards.

After 10 p.m reduce the volume on whatever you are doing.

Never indulge in alcohol-related drinking parties on this property.

If there are extras staying overnight we need to be informed about who they are and which room they are in.

Please rinse out recyclable bottles and containers and put them in the recycle bin.

Please remove all wet and/or soiled footwear at the door.

Please be sure that room doors are locked when you are not on the premises, and always ensure the front door is shut and locked.

Smoking is not permitted in the house or on the verandah. If you do so, you WILL be asked to leave.

On street parking available directly in front of the property.

Check in and check out  procedure: Check in is at 2pm. If your room was vacant the night before your arrival, then you may be able to check in earlier. However, you will need to arrange this in advance with management.
If your room needs to be cleaned you can either store your bags with management and go out until check-in at 2pm, or make yourself comfortable in our living room while you wait.
Please note that check out is at 10am.

We have  a self check in system, so you can check in any time after 2pm. Your room number will be posted on the Welcome Notice in the hallway as you enter the house.  Your room key will be on a side table or fridge in your room. Please leave your key where you found it upon check out.